12 Civilians Killed By Drunk Soldier In DRC

There was an unexpected tragedy witnessed at the Democratic Republic of Congo as a soldier in a drunken state opened fire and killed 12 people, while 9 other people got injured as a result of the incident.

The soldier who is yet to be apprehended is said to be a member of the FARDC (DR Congo armed forces)

Confirming this story, Theo Kasi, the governor of South Kivu province, stated that there is a combined search between security operatives for the gunman in the city of Sange, not so far from the border separating the country from Burundi.

This unfortunate incident has led to a local protest against the army, with residents blocking highways with burning tires and tree branches.

Army spokesman, Captain Dieudonne Kasereka, pleaded with the residents to calm down as regulated authorities were working towards bringing the culprit to justice, reminding them that the gunman was still armed.

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