Woman Absconds From Ex-Husband And Gets Pregnant For His Son.

A middle-aged woman and popular social media influencer from Slavyansk-on-Kuban in Russia has claimed to be four weeks pregnant for her 20 years old stepson.

Marina Balmasheva, 35, who has known her former stepson, Vladimir Shavyrin since he was seven, shared the news on her Instagram page.

The couple beaming with smiles and tears of joy, feel elated on the positive result of the pregnancy test that was carried out.

Marina who has been battling weight issues became popular by sharing videos of her weight loss to her over 400,000 followers.

Marina Balmasheva and Vladimir Shavyrin. (Image: @marina_balmasheva/Instagram)

She stated in one of her posts “Tired of hiding. I know the time is still small… But I want you to know that anything is possible in this world”.

Her ex-husband who married Marina when his son was just seven, claims that his son was seduced by his ex-wife.

He said she sneaks to go to his son’s bedroom at night when he sleeps and that his son made not been with a woman before her.

The betrayed father said he filed for divorce soon as he got wind of the affair. To him, it would have been easy to forgive, but knowing she chooses to be with his son has been hard for him.

Image: @marina_balmasheva

The relationship between the former stepmom and stepson and now couples, started when he returned from a break in the university at the age of 19. He helped her do domestic work and shopping.

However, the relationship between the duo has received lots of criticism with some accusing Marina of being immoral.

Marina and ex-husband Alexey Shavyrin (Image: Image: @marina_balmasheva/Instagram)

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