Chickens Made To Feed On Locust To Curb Invasion In Pakistan

In order to tackle the recent locust swarm invasion devastating some parts of Pakistan, chickens have been made to feed on captured locust so as to avoid shortage of food supply in the already strenuous economy.

This initiative which receives the approval of Prime Minister Imran Khan will see villagers earning some money for the collection of locust which is eventually dried, shredded, and then added to chicken feed.

This idea was conceptualized from Yemen where locals were advised to eat locust for its protein due to the farming and ravaging effects of war.

Farmers have decried how the invasion has created a setback in the agricultural sector, leaving people looking for other means of meeting their financial obligation.

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization has said that Pakistan may suffer deficits of about $5bn if crops damaged amount to 25 percent.

Appealing for international help, authorities have pronounced a state of emergency has there are fears of being overwhelmed by the effects of this swarm.

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