Is North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un really dead?

Kim Jong Un
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There have been recent speculations that the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un is dead after undergoing heart surgery.

These claims which are said to be rumors has been compounded by Japanese media stating that Kim Jong Un is in a vegetative state due to complications of the surgery he had.

News of his death was first announced by the niece of a key member of Kim’s inner cycle.

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Shukan Gendai a Japanese magazine reported that during a rural visit in April, Kim collapsed, which led to the need for a stent procedure.

Things became more complicated, as it was alleged that the surgeon in charge of the operation of Kim indicated that he is not used to operating obese patients which caused some delays, thereby leading to Kim’s vegetative state.

Reuters meanwhile, reports that China which is a close ally has sent a medical team to North Korea. There has been no news to confirm this or information on the present state of Kim by China.

However, government officials in South Korea have stated that Kim is in good condition and was handling state affairs.

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