Lagosians Groan as Government Ban on Okada/Keke Persist

There has been torrent of complaints across Lagos by commuters on the recent ban on Okada and Keke Napep across Lagos.

Early this morning witnessed huge traffic along major roads in the city, with people seen trekking for long distance to their place of work or business.

The Lagos State Government had recently placed a ban on Keke Napep and Okada riders which included premium service providers such as Opay and Gokada riders.

Presently there are protest ongoing in some parts of the state like Ijora, where there are road blockage with tires set on fire. Bus drivers are noticeably seen avoiding certain roads for fear of their windscreen being shattered.

The state government is yet to give a statement on commuter’s reaction to the ban.

Though it has said through its spokespersons that there are alternatives being considered like the introduction of ferries to take people to their destination using the vast water space and newly acquired mass buses.

How long this ban will persist is still not known as this situation is regarded as a complex one.

Lots of people in the state depend on this easy mode of transport as they are quick and can easily maneuver traffic.

Horse riders were seen in some part of the state.

Protest in Ijora due to the ban

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