Meet Nobel Peace Prize 2019 Awardee, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed
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Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is the 12th and present Prime Minister of Ethiopia. He was recently awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his effort in settling border dispute between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Since the last war that saw these two nations pitch against each other, Ethiopia and Eritrea never declared a peace treaty until now. This inevitably meant that they were technically at war with each other.

Born to a Muslim father and an Orthodox Christian Mother, in Beshasha, Kaffa Province, Ethiopia, in August 15, 1976. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has had an illustrious career spanning from his military service before venturing into politics. He served in the Ethiopian Army Signal Corps (1991 – 2010) and rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

With a strong educational background, Abiy Ahmed got his bachelor’s degree in 2001 from Microlink Information Technology College, Addis Ababa, where he studied computer engineering. He then later proceeded for his masters and earned a Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership from the University of Greenwich, London, in 2011.

Further on, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is a Master of Business Administration holder from Leadstar College of Management and Leadership in collaboration with Ashland University, in 2013. Impressively, Abiy completed his Ph. D at the Institute for Peace and Security Studies, Addis Ababa, in 2017. His thesis was on “Social Capital and its Role in Traditional Conflict Resolution in Ethiopia”.

His training as an army officer set Abiy Ahmed on a part of leadership that saw him as a peace mediator in times of crisis. On several occasions, he was posted to areas of conflict where he was able to broker peace amongst warring factors both locally and internationally.

Abiy experience in peace resolutions was put to test when he was posted to his home town of Beshasha as an officer to curb violent inter-religious clashes involving Muslims and Christians that had claimed lots of lives. He was able to manage the situation as normalcy was restored in the community.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is married to Zinash Tayachew who also served in the Ethiopian Defense Force. They have four kids between them, three daughters and a recently adopted son. Known for his fitness and athletic attribute, Abiy believed that mental and physical fitness are required for a healthy body.


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