Assault Weapon Banned in New Zealand By Government

New Zealand
Photo Credit; Bill Clark - Getty Images

Days after a horrific terror attack in a New Zealand mosque where a gunman allegedly killed 50 worshipers, there has been a ban placed on all assault rifle. This announcement was made by the prime minister as a means to curb or prevent a possible future occurrence of such attacks.

This development has been praised and welcomed by the country’s citizens as there are nationwide approval. Drawing from this, advocates for U.S. gun reforms has cited this as an exemplary act to follow by the government to place similar restrictions. There has been protest made to urge the U.S. government on why there needs to be an urgent reforms on gun laws, following several terrorist attacks.

The new law in New Zealand will see gun owners to give up and sell their weapons to the government. This no doubt will be a huge cost to New Zealand which could amount up to $140 million. Although, there are no definite estimate on the number of guns that are presently in circulation.

Those who illegally possess weapons may face fine up to $2,750 and three years in prison. These penalties could be subject to increase under new law.

New Zealand had enjoyed relative peace from terror attacks or mass shootings for nearly three decades before the unfortunate attack on innocent victims worshiping at a mosque.

Photo Credit: Bill Clark – Getty Images.

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